Help me to increase readership

The 2008 is coming to its end: it just occurred to me that this blog has been going for nearly a year now!  I would like to thank you all, the readers and subscribers, that helped Martial What? to grow until now.

My mission for 2009 is to establish Martial What? as an authority blog that discusses interesting topics about martial arts, open to a broader and active readership.  With this post I am asking a little help from all the existing readers to:

  • help me to make Martial What? more interesting by commenting more articles: comments should be posted on the blog please, not directly to me via Email as some time happened in the past.
  • help me to increase membership: if you are reading Martial What? regularly then please subscribe to the blog via Email.  Please then forward each Email you receive to all people you know that might be interested in what Martial What? is about ad the various topics discussed.
  • help me to write about the topics you are interested in: send me some questions via Email (massimo (at) martialwhat (dot) com) that I can discuss and answer on the blog: please no questions about who would win between this and that fighter in UFC or whether Bruce Lee was really so good.

So enjoy a great end of the year 2008 and and wish you fantastic start for 2009.