Parents, children and martial arts

Somebody told you that martial arts are good for everyone? What about children, are martial arts good for them? I would say most definitely yes so let’s see together how.

Martial arts, particularly the traditional ones (e.g. Karate, Judo, Kung Fu – this is a non exhaustive list) maintain a heritage of the master-pupil rapport that instils discipline and respect.  Teaching children in very young age, should be done like a game: movements and techniques are not shown or explained in their full expression.  In the mean time the young minds develop body awareness that help them with their balance and coordination.  The repetitive work of the same techniques tried, improved and mastered over long period of time allows muscles to be worked out and to be strengthened.   By the same metric joints, muscles and tendons are stretched and exercised in a way that develops a lean, strong, tonic and fit body.  When techniques are practiced or even during sparring (kumite, randori…) the focus goes toward competitiveness while at the same time learning respect for the opponent, for the referee and people around you.

Children that have tendency to be violent toward their peers learn to have a better sense of self control and to avoid excessive expression of aggressiveness.  The physical training causes over time, like in adults, an improvement of self confidence in every life situation, not just for self defence.  The perseverance that a child has to put in learning and mastering a martial art will not just be useful for itself: the same perseverance can be later in life applied to studies and work.