Stretching for kicks

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace is one of the kickboxing legends that built his fame and career on great kicking techniques.  Here is a short clip I found on YouTube, taken from one of his commercial videos.  It shows one simple exercise about how to improve the central split.

Enjoy the view and comments are always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Stretching for kicks

  1. What are your thoughts on the may different approaches to flexibility training? I mean like dynamic, isometric, static etc… There seem to be many different opinions about what is the ‘best’ stretching method to gain kicking flexibility. Having tried most of them to at least some degree, they appear to have one thing in common for me…none of them work quickly! (taking several years to improve flexibility in some joints/muscles)

  2. @ James
    I personally have long experience of static stretching performed while relaxing the muscles. Many of the exercises I prectice regularly are either plain yoga positions or some adaptation of similar techniques. I can see the benefits of isometric stretching while I am not too keen of dynamic stretches, particularly if done without any previous warm up. I agree that serious progress can be gained with months or years of consistent committment and I am also convinced that results are also influenced by genetic factors, e.g. some people are naturally more flexible while others are not.

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