Jeet Kune Do trapping by Inosanto

Dan Inosanto is a martial arts expert amongst the best known in the west world due to his early work with Bruce Lee and then being one of the few certified teachers of Jeet Kune Do the way of the intercepting fist defined by Bruce Lee as a non-style of fighting that encourages students to learn different styles, peek and choose the essential bits of each and discard the superfluous.  Dan Inosanto is a true master of many different martial arts and I always like in his interviews and videos the continuous reference to one or the other art, pointing out differences and similarities. In many ways this approach marries my philosophy about martial arts.

In this video he shows a few basic principles about Jeet Kune Do trapping.  Trapping is mostly used by a few Chinese, Indonesian and Filipino arts and essentially it manifests by grabbing, slapping or deflecting an attacking limb with the intent of neutralise the attack or prevent a block or counter attack.