Please help me to grow Martial What

The latest few weeks have been very busy with work and various martial arts related  activities… Having just one life and so many hours in a week I started a few posts and struggled to finish them.  I am also preparing for the CARISMA Summer Camp that I am sure it will bring some interesting insights.

I would like to invite you all, my readers, to help us to further grow this blog:

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Have a nice rest of the Summer (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere).

Great free EBook from Ikigaiway blog

Matthew Absokardu the author of Ikigaiway blog has recently released a free EBook titled “Surviving a Traditional Dojo” that I suggest to all of my readers.

The EBook describes in great details what a novice should expect when entering a traditional dojo with a lot of information about etiquette, behaviour that people in the dojo will expect from you, as well as what you should expect from them and from the master running the dojo itself.

I believe this EBook will also be interesting for people that are already part of a non traditional martial arts club to understand what and how other martial artists live their training.

If you are interested, and you should really, please go to the download page of the book and simply download it: as I said it’s free but it has a great value!